Administrative Licensing

Though part of issues is removed from the range of administrative approval since the reform of administrative approval system in recent years, for enterprises, especially foreign-invested enterprises, every step from admittance before establishment, to the production, operating, management after establishment, is still closely related to administrative approval. Any major act without administrative approval is likely to bring large legal risk to enterprises. With rich experience accumulated for years, Licensing Practice Group of ADK Lawyers is familiar with the issues requiring administrative approvals in different sectors. ADK Vietnam has kept good working relation with administrative authorities and is able to help clients obtain administrative approvals and license smoothly.


The professional legal service provided by ADK Vietnam Lawyers in this field includes:


-    Regarding approvals during the establishment of foreign-invested enterprises and branches, including pre-approval of enterprise name, pre-approval or examination governed by People's Committee, Ministry of Planning and Investment, registration at Department of Planning and Investment, Industrial park management boards, official seals, registration at tax authorities; and

-    In addition to licenses related to the import and export of goods, including the permit of importing or exporting, we provide all licensing services for industries that require a license to operate, there is no limitation on occupational safety-related licenses in each specific field.


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