Construction and Real Estate

It is not easy to ensure compliance and efficiency for even multi-corporations with rich experience of real estate investment or development to invest in real estate in Vietnam. ADK Vietnam possesses a professional team of senior lawyers with the connection with leading accounting and auditing units, business owners and even top investment funds who knows deeply Vietnam’s actual situations, owns advantageous local resources, and proficient in international operation. ADK Vietnam is capable of providing legal service in detail and with feasibility for financial investors and developers in real estate in general and renewable energy in particular - one of the types of projects that is gradually becoming a national focus on sustainable development.


The Lawyers of ADK Vietnam has provided frame design of establishment and merger of a real estate enterprise for clients that not only inside but also outside the industrial park, participate in consulting and pursuing policy compliance process for large domestic real estate corporations and financial funds for projects with new business models in Vietnam, provide whole course legal service, and drafted all the related agreements. Our Lawyers also provided whole course legal service for the strategic cooperation between a well-known Singapore real estate developer and its Vietnamese counterpart relating to commercial negotiations, to establish infrastructure companies to develop closed project zones including industrial parks, residential areas, entertainment, and commercial zones.


The professional legal service provided by ADK Vietnam in this field includes:


-   Designing investment scheme suitable for financial investors and developers in order to ensure the benefit of clients and the legal compliance and the feasibility;

-   Providing whole course legal advice from biding, construction, pre-sale, bringing into use, after-sale warranty against defects, to estate management;

-   Due diligence for merging real estate enterprises in Vietnam and providing legal advice on dealing with risks;

-   Participating in negotiations of establishment and merger of real estate enterprises and drafting related agreements;

-   Providing legal consultation relating to administrative approvals and licensing for the project;

-   Providing legal consultation relating to use of land, including various ways of obtaining land, for instance, through biding, purchase of bankruptcy properties, acquisition of project, or through share transfer; and

-   Advising clients on investment opportunities in Vietnam and assist them in mergers and acquisitions, focusing exclusively on the energy sector.


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