Intellectual Properties

Under the current commercial circumstances, the exploring and protection of intellectual property rights has become one of the most significant issues. Generally, the intellectual property goes before the transactions. We have a team devoted to intellectual property rights with excellent education background and rich experience in practice, thus we are capable of providing legal consultation and resolution of implementation for enterprises in Vietnam with regard to intellectual property management strategy. Our scope of business covers patents, trademarks, know-how, copy rights, commercial secrets, e-commerce, and so on.


The professional legal service provided by ADK in this field includes:


-   Legal service for applying and registration for intellectual property rights;

-   Drafting and reviewing contracts involving intellectual property, including contracts of development, service, consultation and transfer of technology, contracts of transfer or licensing of patents and trademarks, contracts of software development, and advertisement contracts, and so on;

-   Legal consultation for enterprises on strategy and protection system of intellectual property rights;

-   Legal service for commercial transactions involving intellectual property rights, such as issues relating intellectual property rights in franchise, M&A, and divestiture and restructure of assets; and

-   Seeking for legal remedies against infringement;


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