Renewable Energy

Vietnam is a market with great potential for the explosive development of renewable energy which is becoming one of the national focus project types on sustainable development, ADK’s Lawyers with pace and applied a think tank approach from experienced attorneys with interdisciplinary skills, to help clients commercialize the technology projects, structural and finance, clear regulatory hurdle. We represent companies that develop and operate power generation projects, as well as technology manufacturing companies, investors, energy consumers, and participants in all areas of renewable energy, including wind power, solar energy, biomass energy, etc.


We understand the desire of many enterprises striving to meet sustainability objectives or execute a more cost-effective and efficient energy purchase strategy are buying energy directly from the power supply unit at the present time, investing in renewable energy projects, or co-developing renewable energy projects in their land use and property rights. Our Lawyers provide a full range of legal services to companies wishing to license, build, purchase and operate a utility-grade renewable energy plant. We also provide advice on bidding.


Look to our Lawyers for legal solutions across the renewable energy industry, including:


- Advising clients on investment opportunities in Vietnam and assist them in mergers and acquisitions, focusing exclusively on the energy sector;


- Designing an investment scheme suitable for investors to ensure the benefits, legal compliance and the feasibility;


- Providing advice on administrative approvals, investment policy approval, and licensing for the project;


- Tendering processes;


- Reviewing and evaluating feasibility studies, strategic environmental assessment;


- Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating the agreements, including project transfer agreement, joint venture agreement, and power purchase agreement; Acquisition and divestiture of renewable energy assets;


- Providing solutions to handle risks that may occur during the implementation of renewable energy projects;


- Dispute resolution.



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